Objective: To create a visual identity for the city of Boituva.
Opportunity: The city has the strength of parachuting and ballooning, which shows the quality of the clear skies and pleasant temperatures all year round.
Idea: Create a brand using an aerial view of the city, to convey adventure. As support, icons were used to show the attractions of the city, while referring to air and stamps symbols.

About the project

Tourist visual identity created for the city of Boituva. The city is known for having the clearest skies in the area and is also famous for ballooning and parachuting activities.

Developing the concept of adventure and unforgettable experiences, an identity was created to convey these values ​​and encouraged to overcome limits, promoting sports and activities related to nature.

The campaign iconography conveyed air and weather, passport stamps to establish a sense of travel and various symbols to express what the city has to offer.

Copyright © 2017 Claudia Mora

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