Objective: Promote breast cancer awareness month to educate subway users of the symptoms and warning signs of the disease.
Opportunity: Hundreds of thousands of women use the São Paulo subway everyday and provides an immense opportunity to present important information and help passengers absorb critical message.
Idea: To transform subway stations with female names into pink stations, promoting the symptoms and warning signs of breast cancer to educate the public.

About the project

Creation of the Pink October in the Subway (Portuguese: Outubro Rosa no Metrô) campaign, which was presented in the subways of São Paulo to illustrate the symptoms of breast cancer.

Hundreds of thousands of women use the São Paulo subway everyday but their fast-paced lives and routines mean many of them neglect their health and wellbeing. The idea of Pink October was to utilize the subway as a mechanism to draw attention to breast cancer symptoms and facilitate easy access to information and advice.

Subway stations with female names, such as Ana Rosa, were transformed into pink stations by taping their ticket gates and signposts. In the chosen stations, panels told their stories and the cause of their name. Flyers about breast cancer and symptoms were distributed within these stations, helping to educate the public that taking care of their health is an essential part of their daily routine.

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